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Originally Posted by MakeMineA10mm View Post
In my experience, the Glock clan is much more practical and about "using" the pistols, rather than collecting them. For example, this (collecting) forum is pretty slow compared to many others here, like Gen'l Glocking... Also, the Glock Collector's Association is awfully small - barely enough membership to keep itself going. So, you see, collecting Glocks is more about long-term. They're the Colt SAA's of the 21st century. In the year 2150, a NIB 1st Gen G-17 will command big bucks, as will probably your FDE. But, for our lifetimes, not likely a very good investment. My collection is in the safe, and I've already told the 10-yr-old they are hers and that she should not sell them, if at all possible. Pass them on to her grandkids, and it will be one heck of a collection, and they'll be impressed with wisdom of great-great-grandpa.
I hear ya. I have 'collected' only S&W pre-lock models and older Marlin rifles. I started buying S&Ws decades ago just because I loved them, and I've never sold one. I started looking for pre-Remington Marlins when the company was sold in 2008.

I never thought about collecting Glocks. Then I learned that these limited editions come along every so often. The Dark Earth special run appeals to me because it is a current military spec color. These are uncommon Glocks that might hold value. I'll shoot mine (if I buy it) just like my others.
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