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No defining moment for me so much as a progression. I think this may be my first post or one of my first posts but I have been lurking for over a decade.

1. I grew up around guns and was always fascinated by them. Dad was not really a "gun guy" but owned a couple pellet guns, a Mossberg 12 ga pump, and a Ruger 10/22. He no longer hunted anymore but always had them around. My parents would take us to the land they owned south of the cities in a rural farming community and taught us to shoot clays and pop cans/paper targets. He also even built a little pellet gun shooting range made from a cardboard box and some newspaper in the basement for me to screw around with as a kid. Somewhere around that same time(9-13 yrs old) he worked summers part time at a local pistol range as he was a teacher and had summers off and had plenty of time to make some extra money. We spent a few evenings after-hours shooting pistols there. It was a ball to have the whole range to yourself(I still shoot there on occasion). It's weird he wasn't really a hardcore gun guy but it seemed he wanted me to be able to respect and properly use firearms so shooting guns every now and then was the norm when I was a kid.

2. Fast forward to 1995 and I'm 22 yrs old and living with my girlfriend in an apartment and working overnights and after shooting at a local indoor range with my g/f's father(ret. military) decided to buy a handgun from a coworker(Taurus PT92) for the apartment so she can protect herself when I wasn't there, which was every night.

3. 1998 still on overnights and now in my own house we bought together and I buy my first Glock(G23)...because I like guns that go bang EVERY TIME you pull the trigger and I'm still worried about her being home alone every night. I'm still very interested in guns but have other hobbies so I just don't have the money to get into it like I'd like to but always have them around just in case. At this point I fall in love with the simplicity and reliability of Glocks and dive in head first into the big pitcher of Koolaid.

4. Shortly after 9/11 and it's off to the store to buy another gun(only have the Glock because I sold the Taurus to a friend's Dad). This time S&W 686 4". Love the wheel guns and now I have one so g/f and I both can be armed if need be in the home. End up selling the S&W years later to a good friend due to lack of use and lack of interest and need money for more fishing gear.

5. Between MN becoming a shall issue state, Obama being elected, the recent Aurora, CO shooting, and the overall economic state along with all the news on crazy people doing harm to others daily, and I'm really falling off the deep end and lurking on GlockTalk and other gun forums quite a bit, researching guns and ammo ballistics, recently bought a S&W 642 and Glock 26 along with a healthy quantity of ammo for practice and SD with plans for both of us to get CCW very soon and get her into a shooting class to help perfect the skill.

I've always felt it was my responsibility to take care of myself and there are just too many weirdos out there these days to be without something you may need and I've ALWAYS subscribed to the motto of better having it and not needing it than needing it and not having it.

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