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Common sense... Makes sense!!

Thanks for your story. It makes a perfect sequential sense to me. The #23 was a great 1st pick- 9 or 40? Most likely 9 for your lady. Your #26 I have not fired. The @27 is a great little master piece of a small hand cannon and easy to carry. I have both, also (40's) and I find I need hrs. more practice with my 27. I too have a beautiful condition Det. Special Special 6 shot I purchased 40 years ago @ a pawn shop in S.F. and a new Smith 5er w/lazer- ( air weight) both a dream to carry and conceal. Good logic, good choices and practice, practice, practice- damn near any caliber is effective if your shot placement is on. Get those permits and have some fun!! Thanx again for your story- stop "lurking" around!!! Take Care, Jon
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