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Re: young people and guns. The majority of young people have no interest in guns because they are interested in other things. It's that simple. They are interested in computers. They are interested in getting an education/job. They are interested in cars. They are interested in lots of things, but guns are not a big draw. Why? For one thing the cost of buying quality firearms and the lack of available places to shoot them is a very big factor. Another thing is that relative to the general population so few people grow up being exposed to a positive experience of firearms. As well the large number of folks who served in military service in WWII and Korea have dwindled. Those of the Vietnam era were not a numerous. Those of Gulf I & II are even fewer. There are few popular T.V. shows currently shown where the use of firearms is presented in anything except a negative light. Few if anyone buys season tickets to firearms matches compared to the millions of folks who routinely pay big money to attend various football/baseball type games. There are other reasons. But these are probably the major reasons why so few young people show so little interestin firearms.
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