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I have 2 friends with PT1911's. They both have one in 9mm and one in .45ACP. The one buddy has had zero issues and couldnt be happier. The other buddy had to send both pistols back. One was for a sight problem, and the other was for a trigger and feed ramp issue.

I will say though that customer service took care of everything for him in short order with no questions asked. They addressed all of his issues and then sent the pistols back with a few additional upgrades and magazines for his trouble. Taurus customer service is top notch. Also, for the record, I watched a guy at the range with a $3000 Nighthawk 1911 pick up my friends Taurus and shoot a nice tight group at 10 yards. The next words out of his mouth were "You paid how much for this?!?!"

Every pistol manufacturer can make duds, some just more often than others. I bought a Kimber Raptor II a year ago to the tune of $1300. It shot flawlessly from round 1 and is currently near 1000. A few weeks ago, I bought a Kimber Super Carry Pro for $1200, and it is on it's way back to Kimber now. It is ejecting brass at nearly a 90 degree sweep and two to three feet in height difference. Some brass ends up practically falling out when the slide cycles, and other rounds hit me in the forehead with enough force to leave a cut. The pistol was also experiencing failures to return to battery without a push from my thumb.

After speaking with them, they said it is not right, even for a pistol not completely broken in and asked me the general questions. Multiple different mags, multiple types of factory ball ammo, and no modifications. That was all they needed to hear to send me a shipping label.

Being out of the country though, and everything else being said, returning a Taurus to the factory may be a bit more problematic, so it may not be the best choice. The CZ may fit the bill a bit better. I will say this though.

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