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Thanks for the warm welcome, Jon. I can't remember exactly why I chose the G23 to begin with. I guess .40S&W cartridge was gaining huge popularity at the time with law enforcement and I've always done a good amount of reading and research on any interests I had so I guess I thought it would be a good home defense gun and being a 2nd Gen it just felt good in my hands. I still think the 19/23/32 is the perfect size for self defense and great compromise between size and capacity. In hindsight I probably should have gone with a G19 for the less recoil for her but she has no problems shooting the 23 so it all worked out ok. The most recent purchases were well thought out with carry in mind so I wanted something that I know would be a pleasure to carry often(642) and something that shared the same operations as the Glock we already owned, so I settled on the G26...after much internal debate. After shooting both now numerous times I've come to the conclusion that airweights are a beast to shoot with +p but I'm decently accurate with it at 21' and the 26 is a tack driver and works flawlessly, like every other Glock I've shot.
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