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A tale of two guns...

Gave up sleep today (I work overnight)...just couldn't stay away from the range any longer. I actually brought out the same pistols as last time.
I shot both pistols using:
Sillman Cartridge Company - 147g - FMJ
Military Ballistics Industries - 124g - FMJ (RL)

Here is a picture with the Military Ballistics Industries:
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The MBI was a stout little load and fairly accurate. The Sillman seemed like a milder load and I couldn't get it to group like this (actually anywhere close to this) - the P229 didn't seem to like it. I had zero malfunctions with either load...the 80th and 81st load thru this P229!!

The Sillman shot a little better thru the FNP with zero failures. I almost got thru the box of MBI when I had the failure to feed problem strike again. I also had the slide fail to lock back twice.. Picture with Crossbreed Holster:
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Today I finally came to believe that it is a problem with the magazines or magazine springs. I went to the Wolff Springs site hoping to order some +10% springs only to find Wolff doesn't make FN springs. When I punched "FNP mag springs" into the search engine to do a general search, it came back with a lot of hits for a lot of folks with the same issues. Several said that FN redesigned the follower. They got the updated ones from the factory. I guess I will have to give them a call. Not ready to give up on this baby... I really like this pistol!
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