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Originally Posted by SevenSlugs View Post
Id like to be familiar with any sort of group possible...thanks for informing me of these!
You're welcome...get to know some of the locals who carry.
Originally Posted by SevenSlugs View Post
Well first off, I open carry...which starts plenty coversations in which I'm able to educate many of my peers about the 2nd ammendment and such....
When do you meet most of these peers?

NC law prohibits carry on college campuses, establishments or get togethers where admission is charged, places where alcohol is sold, and where no-guns signs are posted, oh, plus, we know your employer prohibits carrying.
Originally Posted by SevenSlugs View Post
I also try to bring as many interested peers as possible to a local gun range which I attend and I teach them basic firearms skills.....
In the last 11 months, how many people would that be, and, have any of them continued shooting after you introduced them to the sport?
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