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Originally Posted by Goaltender66 View Post

Damn those Germans and their interventionist policies in Khartoum.

And the Brits too...friggin interventionists!

And now the US embassy in Tunis:

And now Sudan:

So when was it that we bombed the Sudan again....?

1998. Too easy.

In north-east Khartoum, the US strikes wrecked a building which America claimed was a chemical weapons plant but the Sudanese said was a pharmaceuticals factory. The Sudanese Interior Minister, Abdel-Raheem Mohammed, denied there were any chemical weapons factories in the country.

A Sudanese mob stormed the empty US Embassy compound in Khartoum. Scores of people scaled its wrought-iron perimeter fence while hundreds more outside threw stones at the building or struck at the fence with sticks. They shouted: "Allahu Akbar", the Muslim rally cry meaning "God is Great", and: "Down, Down USA", in English.

Lots more archived articles on it at that link. It was an aspirin factory.

There's that damn repeating history popping up again!

And here's "our closest Middle East ally" blowing things up in Sudan much more recently.

I can't imagine why Sudanese would be tired of being bombed. Aren't they supposed to enjoy being democratized?

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How many times have you gone feet wet ?.'08.
Military? Never. Not sure how that matters.

"Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy." - SecState Kissinger, as reported by Bob Woodward in book Final Days

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