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Originally Posted by G19G20 View Post
Yes I do spend A LOT of time on the net reading information from many sources, even sources I don't agree with (like this forum, generally), in order to objectively form opinions and complex theories based on the large amounts of information I soak up. I don't have the inclination to give you further personal information about myself since I get the feeling you're trying to come to some sort of conclusion about who I am. Never been asked by anyone for so much personal information on a website except you. I do recall how you essentially tried to frame me as some sort of terrorist in a previous thread. Remember, I do know how intelligence agencies function You'll have to just debate my statements at face value. You're really starting to creep me out with your personal information requests.
I have intentionally avoided looking for any names of delegates, I have no interest in anyone here in real life. But I did want to give you an opportunity to guve some credence to your position.

But no response is a response. Hope you don't mind all of us assuming that your sources are Truther sites, George
Noory and Alex Jones then, with no international personal experience. All you know is what others have told you, that made it through your tinfoil filter.
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