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Originally Posted by countrygun View Post
QnMan. Golatender, Cav doc.

Here we have a look at how the paulbot mentality verges on a constant state of "conspiracy alert". Despite the fact that they claim to be all about "freedom" inside them lurks a little control demon. While they talk "freedom" they actually belive that everyting in the world happens because of plots, plans, conspiracies, etc. They cannot grasp "Occam's Razor".

The fact that more events in history have been shaped by luck, chance, stupidity, bad decisions, groups of fanatics and sole fanatics, is completely out of their reality. It all simply must be a conspiracy, a plot or someones plan.

What is scary, is that people who think this way are trying to take power in this Country. Do you really want to give power to folks whose whole paradigm is conspiracy?

They are sure these things control events, so how are they most likely to control events?
The theme that keeps coming up is a know it all that's done nothing. Amazing how he knows so much about foreign affairs without ever leaving the country, he is a product of his predispositions and the media he chooses to confirm his own wacky conspiracy theories. The more you know, the more you are supposed to realize you have a lot to learn. He is unencumbered by that notion.
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