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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
The theme that keeps coming up is a know it all that's done nothing. Amazing how he knows so much about foreign affairs without ever leaving the country, he is a product of his predispositions and the media he chooses to confirm his own wacky conspiracy theories. The more you know, the more you are supposed to realize you have a lot to learn. He is unencumbered by that notion.
The more you learn about real events in history the more you realize how little effect "conspiracies" could have in the face of the vagaries of individual decisions.

General McClellan had confederate battle plans, found in a field, in his hands and fumbled around with them until it was too late to make good use of the information.

Look up the "McCluskey turn" in WWII, one decision changed events.

Some very fine high level military minds in Germany were not able to pull off a simple Private's job and kill one man. The failed in more than one attempt to kill a maniac.

The decision to ride in a convertible one day made events in Dallas significant.

A piece of tape left over a door lock uravelled a group of "plumbers"

Great events are most often the result of anything but carefully crafted plans.
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