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Originally Posted by Chesafreak View Post
Good point about the cloud, however Android apps and platform aren't really all that secure are they?
The problem I have with any Android app is you really don't know what it is doing unless you have access to the source code and even then there are always updates.

On the flip side, I could just have an excel file on the phone. It is protected by a swip code and then you would have to know what file to go after. As long as I didn't keep the file on the removable chip,....?

The problem is most of my passwords do not translate very well to the phone. They are not words. I am somewhat of a touch typist. On a regular keyboard I type my password and can retype my password, but typing it on a phone is hit or miss, I will actually have to memorize a password because letting the fingures type what they want will not work.
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