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Originally Posted by CanyonMan View Post
Hey amigo, I usually carry a 1911, BUT I do own and carry a G36 as well and have about 1500 rounds through it. Great gun, and very accurate.

Please consider: There is NO need for NS on a carry gun for SD. Your going to point and shoot, day or night...

Your not going to be shooting at 10/15//25 yds, your going to be at a hall way distance 'or less' in your house or feet at the ma and pa store etc. This is a point and shoot thing amigo 'not a weaver stance like at the range'. ha.

NS will take your eyes and mind of the threat, and place them on the sights/dots, etc.

I would assume in the couple years you have been shooting that G36, your a pretty good shot with it at SD range. Again, a few feet. So why mess up a good thing, and put yourself in a situation where you break consentration on the target by trying to line up sights...

Go to the range, set up a Silhouette target at even "7 Yards," far more than your going to be needing in a SD situation, and 'forget your sights' are on the gun. Point and shoot without hesitation or 'aiming all day', and just 'point and pull the trigger' at center mass... I bet your fine.

Dark is no different. You don't want 'your eye's (even for a split second) off the threat (target) and NS for SD will pull your eyes away.

Keep what ya got and don't scratch your itch on this one amigo.. Do what ya want, but I assure you, for just a SD gun only, you already got the sights ya need. Again, your mere feet away, not yards. If your yards away then you can or should be able to get away from the threat.

An average life and death threat is going to be just a few feet from ya. "Point and shoot."

Spend your $$$ on ammo and range fees ! You'll be far better off !

Stay safe pard..

Blasphemy I say! Actually this is what I've been thinking for a long time, but everybody talks about night sights so I was thinking follow the crowd. Thanks for a great answer. I suspect you'll get flamed, though.
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