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Frankly I think it is a device made for people that don't understand how their Glocks work. At twenty feet I can take my either of my 17's and consistenty have 5 shots all at worst still touching each other. So what would this device do for me exactly? I think people get it, think it makes their gun more accurate, gain some confidence, and do shoot better. I've never seen a Glock with an accuracy problem that didn't end up being a shooter grip, trigger, or flinching problem. Want to impress me when this product comes back out? Get two identical factory stock 17's. In one put this device. The other leave the factory device. Get a group of 5 good shooters together. Let each one do tests with 5 rounds per gun. Switch them so one time they shoot one or the other first but never tell them which has the device. Prove that the device does what some of you claim vs. just thinking it does.
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