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Keep Fastfire 3 or Get an RMR?

Has anyone done any hands-on testing with fastfire 3 on a glock's slide?

MY FF3 just arrived, and now i have to decided which direction to go.

1) Keep it for another gun. and buy a RMR RM07 or RM08 for my 27. ( I really love practicing with my airsoft KJW kp-615)
2) Stop worrying about the hype and install my FF3 on my 27 and enjoy.

I'm not LEO, so i wouldn't say i would be putting too much stress on my FF3. Dropping on gun on the floor may be something military and LEO do, but in my 34 years, I have never dropped a gun on purpose or accidentally...

My biggest concern is reliability. I will ave a rear suppressor BUIS in case of a failure, but they are BUIS and i intend on using them that way.

The ATOM Mount Mark is working on with Unity tactical won't be out until later this year or maybe 2013. I don't want to wait that long.

I've read alot about RDS slide melts and my second question is who should do the work?

1) David Bowie is the original guy that started the revolution. $175 mill + $55 BUIS + $90 Melonite = $320
2) Mark Housel and Gabe were taught by David. Mark has my vote. $145 Mill + $ BUIS Tritium + $55 Cerakote Slide = $308
3) Dale Hunnicut He is local to me here in Houston, TX $160 Mill + $75 Cerakote + $??? Suppressor sights = $235 I called Dale, and they have started milling slides recently. They hadn't yet update their site showing this yet.

So does the best work? Does anyone know of a link that has compared the work of all three gunsmiths?

I know there are many others that do the milling but I'm not interested in dropping a few hundred extra to buy a slide from lonewolf. I'm sure they are nice, but then what do i do with my old slide? it seems just iike a waste of money.

I'm also familar with TSD, but from what I read, i'm not comfortable with what happened between Mark and Gabe. Even though I have never met Mark, I'm on Mark's side...

Normally if i went with a dovetail mount, then the choice is much easier. If i didn't like either RDS, I could change the mount and switch it out. (I went from a T1 to a Xps 2-2 on my evil rifle) But since i'm milling the slide, i'm stuck with whichever i choose.

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3) G34 Big Dots, Grip Reduction, Magwell 16x3+1=49
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