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Aside from my much earlier post, today is a prime example of why I carry. Yesterday everything was great. I had the house to myself and crawled around under my desk some, rerouting wires and removing the dead power supply from our computer. Went to bed a little late but feeling fine.

This morning, I woke up and my knee is stiff and swolen. After getting out of a chair, it takes me 10 steps or so before I can limber up enough to walk somewhat normally.

As anyone else with arthritis knows, there's good days and bad days. I'm only 5'9" but broad-shouldered with a big frame. I've worked in construction for the last dozen years. I've had arthritis for almost 20 years - since I was 12.

I know on "bad days" like today, hobbing around all stiff and hurting, I look a lot more like a target. Just to be safe, I carry on the "good days" too.
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