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One thing that I like about the Sig 1911 is that it will feed 200 gr LSWC without having to modify the feed ramp. It also feeds 230 gr FMJ and 230 gr LRN.

The gun just shoots! I was out doing a little action pistol practice yesterday and, as my grandson was out playing baseball, I finally got a chance to shoot the Sig. I like the Sig a lot more than the Colt Government Combat I had been shooting. I really like the grips! When you grab a handful, the gun stays put.

Standard mag capacity is 8+1 which is about what you could expect from a single stack 1911. Other magazines will fit.

The only problem, and I consider it minor, is that the gun won't fit any 1911 holsters. About the only holster that works is the Sig SERPA style. But it works well...

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