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I just returned from the range after trying out my first reloading 9mm rounds. I've been reloading .40S&W rounds for a month. I've loaded and fired about 300 .40S&W rounds with no issues at all. However my 9mm reloads had lots of feeding issues. Out of 200 rounds, about 10 rounds jammed while the rounds were moving up the feed ramp. I am using a factory crimp (Lee 4 die set), but apparently I am not putting enough crimp on the rounds.

So, how much crimp is enough; and how much crimp is too much; and how do Itell when enough is enough? I have to assume that I have not enough crimp on my 9mm rounds. But I need some confirmation. During my range visit, the accuracy was very good; nice tight groups, though slightly to the left of aimpoint. Factory rounds are dead-on true to aimpoint.

I am using 115gn 9mm FMJ bullets form Precision Delta. My brass is once fired brass that has been tumbled clean to a high shine.

My weapon is a Glock19.

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