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Originally Posted by SevenSlugs View Post
I have little faith in my generation as far as gun rights each day passes I realize that the people who actually fight for my (and many others) gun rights are people in the 30+ age range......

I feel you my friend. I am 20, and I have little faith in our generation when it comes to a host of things. Very little seem to take pride in anything anymore (of course you find exceptions). I find less and less that there are people our age who have a sense of right and wrong, a sense of dignity, and a hard working mindset.

As for the gun issue, I find that it is VERY hard to find a person with an interest in guns. I am a college student, and I am surrounded by liberal gun grabbing lunatics who spew the same ignorance of "dial 911" and "guns kill people".... Frustrates me to no end.

But there is light, I do come across those who support you, me, and others in common sense gun knowledge and appreciation.
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