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This entire thread has been about crimping straightwall pistol cartridges.

All you want to do is close up the case mouth. You don't want to crimp so much that you mark the bullet. The casemouth should be about 0.0001" smaller in diameter than the diameter of the cartridge about 0.030" away. In other words, put a straightedge along the bullet and you should not see daylight anywhere along the bullet portion of the cartridge.

The other thing mentioned in this thread is the the FCD is NOT the way to do it. Use the thing on a fishing line and after you cast, cut the string.

Buy a legitimate Taper Crimp Die

See post #5 in this thread for more about the FCD

Some bullet profiles are harder to feed than others. Sometimes excessive OAL make feeding more difficult.

If you are using plated bullets, make sure your crimp doesn't break through the plating. You have a little more latitude to overcrimp on lead or jacketed bullets but you still shouldn't leave much of a mark. It is important that the round headspace on the casemouth and this won't happen if you bury it in the bullet.

Do you have a case gauge? If not, get one.

Take the barrel out of your gun and use the chamber as a gauge. Drop a loaded round in the chamber and spin it. The only part that should drag is the leading edge of the case mouth. You can put Dykem Blue on the cartridge to see where it rubs the chamber.

You can also use a Sharpie.

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