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Hey All

Hello from up in ND. I've had my Glock 20 for several years but haven't had much time to shoot it. Bought dies but didn't get time to reload. I'm hoping to change that now. I have lots of reloading experience in large rifle. I'm finding lots of good information on this site on reloading for the 10mm as well as conversion barrels I didn't even know existed for the Glock 20. I'll have lots of questions on reloading for it and hunting with it. I do have a KKM 6" barrel I bought right after I got the pistol. Kind of interested in either a 9X25 or a .357 Sig conversion. Leaning toward the first. Also looking into a progressive press. If anyone has opinions, I'm open minded.

Hey, glad to be here, hope to meet a few of you in time..

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