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In 1964, silver was at #1.21 per troy ounce. Aroy ounce of siklver could make 5 1964 quarters (90%) silver.

A gallon of gas cost 25 cents in 1964.

Now, 48 years later, a gallon of gas costs $4.02 and silver is valued at $34.66 per troy ounce. It would take one troy ounce toi make five 1964 quarters (still after all these years) and a single 1964 quarter is valued at $6.24. In other words or in another way of looking at it, that sqame 1964 quarter would now buy buy one and a half gallons of gas.

tangible value is just that, it's tangible, while fiat currency is soon to be worthless.

I am converting my worthless fiat currency in my savings account into silver and gold as fast as possible. Not as an investment but because i want to transport whatever wealth i have today into whatever replaces the dollar sometime in the future.
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