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Originally Posted by cowboy1964 View Post
I laugh whenever I hear "$20,000 gold!" or "$2000 silver!". You can't search YouTube without seeing those all over the place.

If that happens then gas will be $200 a gallon, etc. The real purchasing power of gold/silver is fairly constant over time, give or take.
Ferfal's experience in Argentina was that silver/gold appreciated SLIGHTLY better than the inflation rate.

His example (working from memory here) was that if X amount of silver could buy 1 loaf of bread before the collapse, then afterwards it was buying 1.25-1.5 loaves of bread.

No one got rich holding PMs, but they either maintained, or increased their buying power by a bit. But there was no buying a mansion for 2 ounces of silver, and staffing it with a harem of slave girls. . .
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