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^^^^ This!!

I have a Burris on my 22/45,,, great little set up,,, I wouldn't trust it on any slide pistol. I "cheaped" out on my first slide by using an Insight MRDS. The insight is a great sight and can take the abuse,,, don't get me wrong,,, and it's not cheap. I found it local for a great price,, that's why I went that route. I then found I liked the red dot function so much, that I wanted it on my nightstand gun. The Insight was a poor choice for this since it requires a power switch to activate. I built another slide with an RMR. I got the RM04 used (LNIB) shipped to my home for $360. I have $240 rapped up in the Insight,,, and I may not be able to move it.

The Insight is durable enough for every day use, and will take anything short of abuse,,, but it won't take abuse like the RMR,,,, no question. I'm currently trying to sell my Insight G17 slide and not getting many bites. RMR slides go pretty quick if the price is right.

Go with the RMR,,, it may hurt once,,, but it's well worth it.

I just bought another LNIB RM04 for my SBR,, I paid $400 for it since it came with a nice QD mount for the rail. If you keep your eyes open on various sights you can snap one up for $350 - $400 as Cole stated.

If you can't find/don't want a used one,,, Mark sells the RMR's in combo with his slide work,,, he sells them new for less than almost anyone I could find.
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