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I previously emailed Federal asking for a 20 gauge FC load similar to their PD or LE132 loads and what I receive was silence.

Silence doesn't help bring those necessary rounds to market and so just a few minutes ago I sent them another request which I'm posting here.

I don't mind pestering them every couple of months however if others here want to see that load, feel free to email like I did. Here's the email I just sent.

"The purpose of my writing is to happily report that I'm very pleased with your PD132 and LE132 loads in my 870 and to ask you to bring to market the equivalent in 20 gauge.

I've been shooting for decades and while it's enjoyable as ever, the joints just can't shoot a 12 gauge as much as I'd like. As an early babyboomer, I don't intend to let age keep me from the sport I enjoy and there are other babyboomers like me who feel the same way.

As the years roll on, a 20 gauge 870 looks more inviting but no one makes a PD132 or LE132 equivalent. You should.

Federal was ahead of the curve with FliteControl ammo and if you survey the gun forums and the market, it's the rightful gold standard that everything is compared with. By bringing a 20 gauge FliteControl round to market, you would, once again, be ahead of the curve.

If you look at the gun forums, people like the 20 gauge, are moving to it as they age but there is universal lament for less than ideal self defense rounds.

I am convinced, as an avid shooter, that you will be handsomely rewarded by meeting this need and I urge you to develop a FliteControl load. I'll even help you test fire them.

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