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The CM9 is a very handy and concealable little piece. It is great for summer time carry. In a pocket holster (PJHolster) it easily carries in my front pocket in my shorts or in cargo pants. I also carry it on my belt in a Don Hume JIT.

I have a Kel Tec P32 which I have also carried in my pocket for years. It is terrific for summer carry as well (or tight jeans) and I carry it when for some reason the CM9 is awkward but I don't carry it nearly as much as I used to. The CM9 is more accurate and powerful even though it carries 2 less rounds. As a belly gun at very close range, the P32 is great. Out over 10 yards, the CM9 really is a lot more accurate so it is my preferred carry and I can also carry hollow points which I don't do in my P32 as I desire the extra penetration over expansion. With the 9mm I get both.

I highly recommend the CM9.
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