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6.5mm are always going to be far superior than a 308win in long distance shooting. VLD bullets and plenty of benchrest shooters have shown this to be the case time over time. And F-class shooters will tell you that 308win is taking a back seat to other calibers.

Now a 6.5 and lapua is going to be tight and expensive on brass, since your limited in brass and brass is quite expensive being that it's from Lapua. Same with the creedmoor only once source for brass and forming cases from another case is time consuming.

So We are not sure as to what your going with this thread, but if your handloading, the 6.5x47 or any 6mm variant would always outdo the 308win with better BC, less recoil, and less impact by winds. My 6.5x55swede is even very accurate with store bought ammo.
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