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Originally Posted by DAIadvisor View Post
Even military realized that full auto rifles are useless in combat. So everyone got 3 round burst and it pretty much always stays on single shot. Now mounted machine guns are a different story and are very effective.
Nope...nope..nope. I don't care how useless it is haha. It could be the most ridiculous instrument of destruction. Also, anything with a 3 round burst, unless I am mistaken, is still treated as auto even if that is the weapons only setting past semi auto. I never ever mentioned practicality of any weapon in my OP. In fact, I tried to make it sound ridiculous with comparisons with cannons and RPGs. I guess what I am trying to say is that even though we can't have "3 round burst" anyway, that is not the point here. My rights being taken away is the point.
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