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different response

What is the difference between an opinion essay & a discussion essay?

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An opinion essay is just that; an essay based on someones opinion of a topic or topics. A discussion essay is factual information presented on the topic(s). You are discussing a subject; typically with or to other people.

I think that this thread started with a thrust of "will you" instead of "can you".

The "will you" answer would be that it matters primarily to you - and you probably won't be posting here after shtf.

The "can you" answer is a bit different based upon factual observations that are elsewhere (and not by me) documented:

1. most people forced into combat never fire a weapon.
2. most people forced into combat do not fire accurately for effectiveness as a matter of choice.
3. most people don't accept that bad things can happen to them.
4. most people do not think that they will die (that is why 50% of the lawyers and 10% of the general population ever write a will).

The gentleman's essay reinforces what you probably already know, but implicitly reject in your life style:
1. training is superior to not training;
2. piling up supplies is not the same as training;]
3. experiencing a dose of reality under fairly safe conditions is educational.

Paranoia is not the unreasonable belief that somehow, somewhere, some person would want to kill you for your wallet, your girlfriend, your house, your religion or your political opinion.

Paranoia is baseless or excessive suspicion of the motives of others.
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