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Originally Posted by Tiro Fijo View Post
No, it won't take bullets larger than 140 gr. in its action length.
hmm not all.

You can handload 260remington with heavier bullets ( norma/smk,etc...), but than the cartridge was not designed for that and there's really no real reason from a long distance shooting for anything over 140gr in a 6.5mm imho.Or even from a hunting aspect. If you need a heavier bullet, than you need a bigger caliber imho. Nor do you need a heavier bullet to match the bc of a 308winny. The longer bullets of the 6.5mm vrs 30cal, will always exceed the 30cal offerings.

You still haven't explain why a 6.5x47lapua vrs 308win, you pick one of the hardest to find cartridge commericially, if not one of the expensive ( lapua ) with limited availability of loaded commercial ammo, and case components , vrs a very common 308win, with hundred of more options and availability in commercial offerings and reloading.

from a reality check, most serious shooters of 6.5mm are handloading these. And most 6.5x47 L A P U A shooters are handloading or reloading these. In more of a reality check, if you buy anything chamber in 6.5x47lapua and plan on really shooting it, you will most likely start handloads for it, unless you have deep pockets

also btw, the action length has nothing to do with the ability of the 260remington to hold a bullet greater than 140 to a certain degree. As a matter of fact a few loads exists commericially that are slightly heavier than the std 139/140grain offerings in a 260reimngton all are 142 or 156 grain btw.

Good luck finding them

btw remington did very badly with promoting the 260remington and a very few mfg'er today even having anything chambered for it.

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