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Originally Posted by noway View Post
hmm not all.

You can handload 260remington with heavier bullets ( norma/smk,etc...), but than the cartridge was not designed for that and there's really no real reason froma long distance shooting for anything over 140gr in a 6.5mm imho...

You seem to disagree and then agree with my point of view.

When one loads a heavier bullet, such as the 160 gr., powder capacity is diminished as well as defeating a great benefit of the .260 Rem.: the ability to be used in a shorter action. Yes, sometimes one can handload a heavier than recommended bullet for a particular cartridge, however these usually must be loaded singly and directly into the chamber and not from the magazine if a repeater. For a pure benchrest gun this is no problem, but for anyone wanting a magazine repeater then no.
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