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Originally Posted by CharlieDelta127 View Post
I feel you my friend. I am 20, and I have little faith in our generation when it comes to a host of things. Very little seem to take pride in anything anymore (of course you find exceptions). I find less and less that there are people our age who have a sense of right and wrong, a sense of dignity, and a hard working mindset.

As for the gun issue, I find that it is VERY hard to find a person with an interest in guns. I am a college student, and I am surrounded by liberal gun grabbing lunatics who spew the same ignorance of "dial 911" and "guns kill people".... Frustrates me to no end.

But there is light, I do come across those who support you, me, and others in common sense gun knowledge and appreciation.
Yea...don't know how our generation will turn out as far as leading the country in the right direction but it doesn't look good as far as gun rights go...that's for sure...

I hope "the light" doesn't come to late....

Good to hear from you.

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