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I got mine after watching NUTNFANCY videos on youtube. This guy some love, some hate him but he is very informative.

After watching a video he described about evil, a bunch of robbers in a bank made people drink acid and if they refused, they used a drill through the ear and killed a few people. he went all on about this story, and then commented this did not just happen, it was back in 1970s-- evil is not new to us, we just get multiple heavy doses of it daily in this information age. Though evil is not new, I think the threat of becoming a victim of a violent crime is higher. If you look at violent crime statistics, it goes way up and down--but there IS a lot of crime out there that goes un-reported and uncaught. Today we have crackheads, meth heads, drug addicts, hungry, unemployed, and just the plain old I don't want to work so I'll take what I want individuals. Ethics and morality are at an all time low in my opinion.

Also as one of the people that is sick to hear about instances like Aurora, CO (and I already had my license when this happened) I will not be a duck in a shooting gallery with no protection! yes, they may kill me on the first shot, I may get taken by surprise walking to my car with groceries, but at least I have the option of protecting myself.
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