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Originally Posted by G19freak View Post
The dirty little secret is that the 20ga is one of the worse recoilers out there---typically weighing a pound less than a similar 12ga while shooting the same weight (or nearly so) payload---well, somethings gotta give.
My wife agrees with you. She got in a small argument with a "guncounter dude" once over that very issue. I had to step in and inform him that her upland gun was a 20 ga 870 but her HD was a Winchester 1200 or a SxS 12 ga coach gun, both much heavier than the 20.

I am a big proponent of the 20 for HD but, I have a good amount of upper body strength and hand strength so I take a lot of recoil with my hands and arms rather than shoulder if I have a gun I can "manhandle". Much like I find my little Remington 600 to be a more pleasant .308 to shoot than a larger .308 bolt gun.
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