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Originally Posted by Taterhead View Post
Great point Uncle!

There seems to suddenly be surplus production capacity for Pink Slime beef, and prices are at record lows. We could enlist the services of Engineer to formulate a process to re-process, then post-process this processed product even further so that it appears passable for a sizzling steak. I have a call into Clark W. Griswald about his non-nutrative cereal varnish. Might be of some use for our venture.

Re-engineering Pink Slime beef into a technically named, "Finely textured processed and reformed beef product." The bourgeois (pardon my French!) 9 & 40 crowd would not know the difference - especially if served with A1 Steak Sauce (you can always tell a good steak if it is served with A1 ).

Costs like pink slime beef. Priced like steak. Imagine the monster gross profit margins. Plenty of room for SR's typical administrative deductions.

Of course the gubmit would not permit us to name this Sizzlin product "steak." I propose that we just spell it "Stake." Most people will not notice the difference.

Visualize this:

"Sizzlin' McStake Sandwich" at your neighborhood Mickey D's.

I'm lovin' it!

Better yet, stay away from any comparison to a beef product at all. aim for the "healthy" meat eaters among the 9 & 40 crowd by calling it "Tenderized Free Range Biffalo".
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