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I have heard of the buy once cry once, but have you had any experince with the fastfire 3?

1)Has their reliability improved?

2)The only time i have read any RDS sight had problems holding zero is when using with a dovetail mount instead of it mounted directly to slide.

3) Everyone states RMR is more durable. I have read, hardcore users, drops their guns, or use a table to hand one rack their slides with an RMR. I don't plan on any of that!

My RDS gun will be a CCW weapon.

I'm on the fence, I keep going back and forth between my FF3 and a RM07. I have filled out Mark's work order twice. One for each direction.

If I go, with the FF3. I will have money leftover to get a grip reduction done by Dale Hunnicutt.

If I were to give all my money to Mark with an RMR package, the grip reduction will be put on hold for a while.

just if... i won the lotto. RMR's for everyone!
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