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Originally Posted by 4949shooter View Post
Not at all. Either that or just get a .40 conversion barrel.

I guess the only upswing of knowing you could fire .40 ammo out of a 10mm is as mentioned above by nicke10, if you are in a pinch. Take an extreme example...say I was on a hunting trip up in Alaska and stranded somewhere with no 10mm ammo, and the only thing I could scrounge up was some .40 I found in a cabin, it's good to know I could use the .40 ammo in my Glock 20.
4949, that's a friggin' hilarious image. Stuck in a snowbound Alaskan cabin, nothin' but dried out biscuits, some hard deer jerky and... some loose .40 ammo lying around. I got a good chuckle outta that one. You might not be too far off the mark though, Alaska State Troopers carry the G22 so there's bound to be some Short & Weak lying around.
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