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For me - no

EMT - the problem is that you can always create a scenario in which to buy specific equipment.

The guy hooked it up in a basement. Depending upon your area in the country, many houses do not or cannot have a basement. Most people don't have the storage space.

Bugout location -

same problems as usually spoken. Most people do not have a secure bug out location. So, you might just be furnishing for the next guy.

If you don't want to cook in the first 30-90 days because it would attract attention, don't buy.

If you don't have a fuel supply, don't buy.

If you have a woods out back, you probably will cook in a separate structure like the old days, or just cook outside.

If you are urban, a barbecue pit or outdoor barbecue with a few tanks of propane will be enough.

If you live in Minn in the wild or Maine, you are going to buy comforters and warm clothing first and not primarily rely upon a basement stove.
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