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Originally Posted by jdavionic View Post
Without debating the politics, focusing on possibilities in the US leads to concerns over the future. We have, water, financial, protection, etc. But what about another option...leaving?

I know some are ademant...'I will not leave my country'. And having been to some places out of this country, I can say that we have so much that makes this country great. In addition, the best man from my wedding lives in Central America. He's doing very well there. However when the US faulters, he feels it there and is vulnerable to the US economy.

If you believe the US is facing an economic collapse, where could you go where you can earn a living, raise a family, possess firearms for self protection, and enjoy a good buffer from an economic collapse from the US?

Has anyone considered this? Where else? I cannot think of a country that is well buffered from a US economic collapse.
Unless you are a Native American, every one of us came from somewhere else at some point in our family tree.

Granted some who are African American did not have a choice in the matter to come to the USA, but when Liberia was first formed as a colony for Ex-slaves the vast majority of African American ex-slaves did not volunteer to go back to Africa, even when free passage was offered.

Europe was a pretty rocking place for most Eurpoeans, but war, famine, the lack of economic freedom for those in a lower status, made people want to get out. I can see that happening in the USA. We may get into a situation where things just dry up in the USA. It may become less free, and harder to survive in and for future generations to thrive. In that case, I would definately move my family to another country.

I think as of right now, there is no country so much better than the USA that I would choose to move to now. Granted Austraila, New Zealand, Canada and maybe the UK or Ireland are on my list of options, but it really depends on how bad America is and which country fairs the best after the collapse of the USA.

Right now Canada is the easiest to get to. If the weather is warm enough I could even walk the 400 miles to get there and sneak across the border if it became that desperate. I like New Zealand and Austraila because its farther away from the USA and hopefully not affected from whatever brought the USA down, however it would be harded to get to, much more expensive, and harder to get in.

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