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Originally Posted by Bilbo Bagins View Post
I don't understand why some people are talking about defending or fighting when the OP is talking about a economic collapse.

Too much Rambo and not enough Ramen will get you dead.
Agreed. I lived through cold war, carter, etc. too. However I don't want to leave a false impression. I was not in the military during any of these times and was a child during Vietnam (I'm 48). Yes, my Dad served our country...along with many others in my family. It's not a matter of fighting an enemy to save our nation using guns. It's a matter of possibly having a nation go through an economic collapse.

The challenge is finding a country that is not tied at the hip to the US economy, but also finding a country with freedom in the many areas that we presently enjoy here.

I know some mentioned UK, Ireland, and Canada...I just see those as being too dependent upon the US.
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