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Thanks for reply. I can understand why you would not have access to the net worth of individuals.

I can understand revenge and spite, however, even that has a price and I wonder if the survivors would pay say $40,000 in legal fees with the HOPE of ruining a guy with only $20,000 in assets.

Sure its a free ride for the survivors, when the potential of victory and potential pay out is sufficient to get a lawyer to take the case on contingency. But for that to happen there has to be the bucks there to justify a lawyer taking the case.

But on GT I read threads by people who I gather are maybe 35 years old or less and have not had a chance to accrue many assets worrying mightly about a civil suit.

Now as an older person, who has been fortunate enough to accrue a few assets, I believe, the concern over a civil suit is very legitimate.

Bottom line is, I believe, that while revenge and spite are powerful motivators, they too are limited by monetary considerations. This is especially true when seeking a lawyer to represent you on contingency.

However, I also believe the highly publicized cases can be judged by a different standard. Specifically, I believe that if George Zimmerman is acquited of criminal charges he will be ruined financially. Al and Jesse will be able to raise enough money to fund a civil suit against Zimmerman even if they have to spend $100 in lawyers fees for every $1 subject to potentially recovery. And many lawyers will view bringing the suit as a way to advertise themselves, so the fees or recovery potential in this instance will not be the major motivation.

Sorry if I have been a bit long winded, but it is a subject that interests me and I think, while an important subject not enough attention has been given to the financially aspects that drive a civil suit. Jack
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