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What would you do with these rounds? Pics!

A family member gave me a couple hundred rounds of OLD .223. That's great, but much of it is corroded. There is a varying degree of corrosion on the rounds, which you can see here:
Caliber Corner
Caliber Corner
There are also some soft point rounds that the lead has corroded pretty badly:
Caliber Corner
I also got some hollow points, which seem to have survived the best:
Caliber Corner
Some of the rounds are Norma, and I don't recognize the other type:
Caliber Corner
Here is a little more detail of some of the case corrosion:
Caliber Corner
I'm not really planning on shooting most of these rounds, but I definitely can't bring myself to throw them away. There are many salvageable rounds with little/no corrosion, and very few have corroded primers(obviously not shooting). I ask the forum for ideas on what to do with these rounds. I have more pics if these aren't enough for a good decision. Thanks in advance!
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