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My thoughts on sites

I've noticed that in the past, when I've done force on force training, I tended to ignore my sites. This has been true w/ both m16 and beretta. The closer the target, the less likely I've been to remember to use my sites. I've also noticed that if I use my fingers, I can consistently hit the target at 50m during night qual. Again I've noticed, that I have to concentrate pretty hard to use my sites properly when I'm at the range (practicing for Tues night). My thinking here is that I'm wasting my money on night sites. I think I'd be better off investing in a set of precise fiber optics that ingrain the correct muscle memory. Bear in mind that I'm not a new shooter. During force on force I tended to hit the target more often than most; I was probably in the top 1/3 if not higher. Any thoughts?
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