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Originally Posted by barth View Post
The two primary differences to me are the grips and caliber.
As dreamy and the P30 feels just holding her, I clearly and decisively favor shooting the P2K.
I have a gun buying problem, and you are not helping. I own a 9 mm P30 and I really like it, but my biggest gripe is the slide release is too long for my grip style. I shoot thumbs forward, and my right thumb rides the slide release to the extent that it doesn't lock the slide back. I wonder if I could fit a P 2000 slide release on the right side of my P 30?

For a while I was thinking that the P 30 would be the (almost) perfect appendix carry gun for me. But now you have me wondering if the P 2000 isn't the perfect compromise between the USP and the P 30. Do you really like the P 2000 grip better than the P30s? (I have never even held a P2000)
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