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I have heard of the buy once cry once, but have you had any experince with the fastfire 3?
I have not,,, but quickly looking at the specs and a pic of the sight,,, it looks quite a bit more rugged. The Win/Elev adjustments look beefier as well. Everything else looks like added functions or options. (always good)

1)Has their reliability improved?
I have no idea. I've haven't had either of my FF's crap out on me,,, but they aren't old, and they are only on rimfire range guns.,,,,, a previous poster states his FF 2 is quite durable,,, and he probably has more time with it than I do.

2)The only time i have read any RDS sight had problems holding zero is when using with a dovetail mount instead of it mounted directly to slide.
I havn't heard this,,, but an RDS has internal electronic circuits to worry about as well,,, there is more than physical placement on the slide that can get jacked in pretty much any RDS.

3) Everyone states RMR is more durable. I have read, hardcore users, drops their guns, or use a table to hand one rack their slides with an RMR. I don't plan on any of that!
I would never do it intentionally either,,, and I hope it never happens accidentally,,, but I'd rather know it will live through anything I put it through. I would be VERY surprised if the FF2 on my 22/45 lived if I dropped it sight down.

My RDS gun will be a CCW weapon.
That right there would rule it out for me.... I don't want to "activate" my sight on a CCW weapon,,, or any weapon I used for PP. Not to mention,, if it's on you as a CCW,,, it will get abused a bit more

If I go, with the FF3. I will have money leftover to get a grip reduction done by Dale Hunnicutt.

If I were to give all my money to Mark with an RMR package, the grip reduction will be put on hold for a while.
Everyone's different man,,, you gotta make that call for yourself. All I know is,,,, everytime I let the budget dictate my purchase of firearm equipment instead of my research and wants,,, I ended up resenting the fact that I didn't save up a bit longer and pony up the mula the first time. And what are we really talking about here,,, $100 -$150 bucks difference,, it's not much considering you will have $500 - $600 in the gun, $250ish into the milling, a bit more if you want iron sights as well. I saw a LNIB RM05 on AR15 yesterday for $325 shipped. You just can't beat the RMR when you can get them used for that price.

I usually end up doing it to my original desires the second time,, and that's WAY more expensive. My RMR experience is no different. I cheaped out,,, resented doing so,,, and went the RMR route,,, cost me a boat load more!
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