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Originally Posted by fx77 View Post
Check out the National Firearms Act on Wikipedia.
haha I have. Outdated legislation that came right after was to try and curb the violence from organized crime that the government created when it violated the bill of rights yet again (I consider the prohibition of alcohol to violate ones right to pursuit of happiness...It is sad but true and that is another debate). So old, yet we are still feeling the ramifications. And I am aware of the Hughes amendment. It should all be repealed. Like criminals care about the NFA or the Hughes amendment anyway. If a felon has such disregard for human rights, I severely doubt he will care how short the barrel is on the shotgun. If the government could just enforce all of the other laws on the books...there would be no need for categorical firearm limitations.

I, however, do not believe the the government, as a whole, is trying to grab out guns. Yes, there are some sick, powerful people who want that, but not the majority. I believe most people that believe in gun control genuinely believe that these limitations will be for the greater good. What they fail to realize is that this thinking tears down what our forefathers worked so hard for as well as the unseen benefits like deterrents that different categories of guns provide. Guns are not a right of the people for sport. It is to keep the government honest. The founding fathers wanted us to be capable of being just as equipped as our military in case our government needs to be retaken or in case our government tries to take over us. Yes, it is improbable and ridiculous...but nowhere near as ridiculous as these stupid firearm laws.

I always say this quote that I found one night. I might make it my sig. I know it by heart and I always recite it to anyone that does not approve of guns.

"Those who would give up essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither Liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin
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