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I bought a package of rubber bullets for .38. Really didn't care for them.
Regards sounds. I recall a loud shot. Friend had a target .22lr that had TONS of work done on it. We are in his basement gun room and he wants me to try the trigger. He holds up a .22lr case (no bullet/clearly not a blank as I saw it from end) He loads it into gun/hands it to me. I said something like "you are sure its not loaded?" Then "If it is you will have to buy your wife a new washer as I didn't load it" I TOUCHED trigger and gun went off. Scream from upstairs/his wife comes running down/he isdang near falling out of his chair (until his wife got to him)
He had pulled the bullet/dumped powder so I was only primer. Dang it was loud. (and his wife did NOT get new washer that day)
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