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Originally Posted by thetoastmaster View Post
I've been making this argument for years. If pro-2A groups are so "pro", whether formal groups like the NRA, or informal groups like GT, why is there not a bigger push to repeal FOPA '86, then GCA '64, then NFA '34?

When the opposition pushes for nothing less than the complete abolition of private firearms ownership, you don't compromise with them. You push back just as hard, and take what you can. That's what they do. When they "compromise", they win. That's how we should be. We should win when we compromise.

I would like to order a 1928 Thompson and a couple of cases of .45 from the Sears catalog and have it shipped COD. That is the spirit of the Second Amendment.
I guess the questions would be where to start and who would take the lead?
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