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Do not buy Remington Versa Max Tactical.....

If you can see one in the store, buy it. Or if you bought it from a great online dealer like I did, don't hesitate as they took care of my issue FAST.

This was not used and this came straight from the distributor.

However, if you need to get one shipped, then avoid buying one. I got mine today and this is how the box was arranged minus the shotgun:
Tactical Shotguns

I was hoping to get this tested, lifter modified, etc. before the next match, but now I have to wait to get it resolved. Mine is all scratched up and there is a chunk missing on the receiver.
I have bought a lot of guns and this is the first time I was disappointed buying a new gun. Remington managed to rob me of that new gun satisfaction. I don't care if I cause the wear and tear over time, but getting it this way and telling me that it is new is not what I want to have.

- They don't wrap the metal pieces they send (wrench, "tactical choke" with those sharp points, tiny screws which could easily have been lodged in the action and I had one roll out of the barrel)
- The cardboard holders didn't hold up. The shotgun and everything in the box was loose. My FFL was wondering why it was rattling.

I have/had several Benellis, Winchesters, Brownings and all these shotguns came with a box fitted to hold the contents. Even cheap shotguns come with boxes that will not destroy the firearm.

Contacted Remington to see if they will address the issue. Will update as this progresses..... What a waste of time and energy. It would cost a snack size freezer bag to avoid this.

48 hours later, I have not received a response on my open ticket with Remington. I guess big companies make you wait. I have contacted several quality manufacturers before and they responded within 24 hours.....
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